About our recent list closure

An Important Patient Announcement

Thank you for your support

Dear Patients

Some of you will know that our practice has been under a great deal of pressure with a severe shortage of GPs in the past few weeks and months.

Since we moved to our current premises in July 2007, our patient list size has increased from 14,700 registered patients to over 19,300 patients registered at the practice. This is an increase of 32%.

We have recently lost one partner (full-time), two salaried GPs and a GP Retainer will be leaving the practice in mid-December. This leaves us down to the lowest number of GPs that we’ve ever had. This has had a marked impact on our services to you; especially with GP appointments.

After consultation with our Patient Participation Group, who have been extremely supportive, we applied to the local commissioner of our GP services – NHS South Eastern Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) – to temporarily close our list to new patients.

This exceptional measure will ease any further pressure on us whilst we continue our efforts to recruit new GPs and other clinical staff. This in itself is no easy task, with national issues of GP recruitment and retention facing many parts of the country.

I’m pleased to say that the CCG has supported our application and agreed to a list closure which will start from November 1st 2019. This at least will allow us to focus our efforts on you, our existing valued patients. This also means we currently will not be registering new patients.

Please be assured that we are doing everything we can to relieve this pressure and would like to thank you for your continuing support and bearing with us. In line with many other GP practices, we are working hard to diversify our workload, such as employing a pharmacist and another nurse practitioner, but this all takes time.

To ensure that you see the appropriate clinician, appointments are triaged so that you are allocated the appropriate fully-qualified health professional. GPs will continue to have oversight of this process and will prioritise consultations to ensure patients receive safe, excellent care.

We know this isn’t an ideal situation and we appreciate it may lead to some frustrations. However please spare a thought for our non-clinical staff, especially our receptionists and prescription clerks who are our front-line representatives and are clearly not responsible for the current situation.

Thank you.

Dr David Melville

Senior Partner