Tests and Results

Laboratory specimens are collected daily at 3:30pm and we ask therefore that you bring specimens to the practice before then. Routine samples are taken by our phlebotomist in the morning. Routine test results and X-rays usually take between 7 – 10 working days to be returned.

For test results please complete our online request form.

If telephoning for a test or X-ray result we ask that this is done between 11:30am and 3:30pm when our lines are less busy. Please note that the results will be given out by non-clinical staff who may not be able to interpret what the results mean. Please reflect on any advice you were given by your doctor when the test was arranged, who may wish to review you even if the test result is normal.

If you wish to enquire regarding tests results of investigations etc. below is listed the average times it takes for information to be received and become available.

  • Blood Tests – 4-5 working days (some can take longer)
  • X-rays/Ultrasound – allow a minimum of 10 working days
  • Cervical Smear – 4-6 weeks (can vary)
  • Administrative forms (BUPA, Passport forms etc.) – 21 working days
  • Stool Samples
  • Urine Samples
  • Cultures

Blood Tests (Phlebotomy Clinics)

The Bosmere Medical Practice provides blood sampling and urinalysis clinics from 8am. Our phlebotomist also assists with medical examinations and health promotion activities.

To make an appointment please ring 02392 476941

Please make sure you bring your Laboratory request form with you when you attend for your appointment.

If you have been asked to have a fasting blood test, then you should have nothing to eat or drink, except water, black tea or black coffee without sugar, for 12 hours beforehand.

We aim to provide early morning clinics (before 9am) for patients requiring a fasting blood test or who wish to have it done before going to work.